Head Start of Washington County

Emergency Procedure Plan Test

All employees are required to take the Emergency Procedure Plan Training Annually. Please complete the test below by selecting the circle next
to the correct answer or answers. You must score a 80% or higher on the test; if you do not you will need to re-take the test.

If you score 80% or higher; a certificate of completion will appear; you must print, sign, have your supervisor sign, and forward the signed certificate
to Elizabeth Smith; HR/Finance Assistant at the Admininstrative Office [Memorial Blvd.].

1) When "Today's color is Red" is announced on the agency intercom system what has occured?

2) Where would you find a copy of the Emergency Procedure Plan?

3) Every center has a different Emergency Procedure Plan?

4) A suspicious package is delivered and it is making ticking noises, What should you do?

5) Each center has a Emergency Radio to keep informed of a National Disaster?

6) Should you unplug the Emergency Radio to charge your phone ?

7a) What center are you located at?

Center: (if you are a substitute please select all)

8) What is the correct color emergency code for each of the following?

Tornado/Severe Storm:
Active Shooter:
National Disaster:
Bomb Threat:

9) Do you check the emergency radio regularly to make sure it is working properly?

10) When an active shooter is in the building everyone must follow a procedure; Below is a list of the procedures NON-CLASSROOM STAFF must complete; put the procedures in order by selecting the correct number before each statement. (Refer to the Emergency Procedure Manual for answers.)

Listen for instructions that may be announced over the intercom or from the director or from a designated staff person.
Staff will remain in their current location until instructed otherwise.
Close and lock the door to your area and turn off the lights.
Remain calm and quiet to listen to noises that may tell you what is happening.
Find a place in the room to sit so that you can not be seen from outside or by the intruder.
Call 911 from cellphone if you hear any disturbing sounds, such as gun fire or explosions.