Head Start of Washington County

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Test

All employees are required to take the Bloodborne Pathogens Training Annually. Please complete the test below by selecting the circle next
to the correct answer or answers. You must score a 80% or higher on the test; if you do not you will need to re-take the test.

If you score 80% or higher; a certificate of completion will appear; you must print, sign, have your supervisor sign, and forward the signed certificate
to Elizabeth Smith; HR/Finance Assistant at the Admininstrative Office [Memorial Blvd.].

1)You may request a vaccine for which bloodborne disease?

2) Which of the following materials could contain bloodborne pathogens?(check all that apply)

3) If you wear gloves when cleaning up an accident, it is not necessary to wash your hands afterwards?

4) Which of the following could expose you to bloodborne pathogens?(check all that apply)

5) You should always treat all body fluids as if they are infectious and avoid direct contact with them?

6) Which of the following materials are used as Personal Protective Equipment?(check all that apply)

7) If you have blood or potentially infectious materials splashed into your eye, you should?

8) Which are NOT an example of Personal Protection Equipment ?check all that apply)

9) What decontamination procedure should be done first?

10) Co-worker #1 cuts her hand on a pair of scissors, the blood sprayed onto Co-worker #2's arm. What should be done by each?

Co-Worker #1 (check one)

Co-Worker #2 (check one)